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Kickoff Ventures is a private equity and business incubation firm specialised in pre-seed and early-stage startups with a focus on web and mobile innovation.

Our portfolio start-ups

Productale (Active)
"Every product has a story"
A unique story makes a product desirable. today, for the first time, that story becomes a personal and engaging online experience. productale flips the page on how we sell online in today’s new media
Opinimize (Inactive)
"What everyone is thinking about right now"
Opinimize provides opinion based content about trending topics. With a growing user base of more than 70,000 users, Opinimize is looking to give an interesting new look at what is going on right now in the world.
RenovationPrice.com (Graduate)
RenovationPrice.com is looking to be the starting point in every house renovation project. With 950+ registered renovation service providers and 3,000+ satisfied customers in Israel, the startup is now looking for an investment to expand to the US.
CluBoost (Graduate)
"Building consumer loyalty for local businesses"
CluBoost helps local businesses increase the number of returning customers with personalized messaging. A large and growing number of businesses are already subscribed to the service, making it the first profitable startup to graduate of Kickoff Ventures.
Bouncer (Inactive)
Stealth stage Bouncer is looking to disrupt online dating scene
Loopr (Inactive)
Stealth stage Loopr is looking to change the way we listen to music
Dentalics (Active)
"Perfect shade. Perfect smile."
Dentalics innovates in the field of dental restoration and provides a new method for detecting teeth shade and illustrating the treatment result
Excitely (Inactive)
Stealth stage Excitely is looking to disrupt online advertising.
Wakka (Inactive)
Stealth stage Wakka is looking at making an offline meeting instantly go online and personal.

Our Expertise

Years of experience in consumer Internet, mobile, marketing technologies and location-based services make Kickoff Ventures the perfect partner for your start-up. Our mission is to help you introduce your product or service to the market and maximize the business opportunity while minimizing risk and costs. With a track record of many success stories on a global scale, along with products and services that have failed miserably, Kickoff Ventures knows what it takes to make the first and avoid the latter.

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